Boating and Maritime Accessories and Props

Does your film project require boats? Cross Reel Props provides a large variety of boating and film support vessels.  Need an old row boat?  A speed boat? Or maybe something as exotic as a WWII PT Torpedo boat?  We can make them available for your production.  We also deliver a variety of specialized support vessels such as house boats, crew boats, work barges and floating film platforms to provide living accommodations and work space.  With more than thirty years of experience working around the world in the marine environment, we can easily match the right boats to your project’s needs.

In addition to boats, Cross Reel Props also provides boating accessories such as jet skis, personal watercraft, wake boards, life jackets, safety equipment, tubes, paddles, commercial fishing nets and related items.  Does your movie set require indoor decorative boating items?  Let us help you create the perfect fishing shack or seaside restaurant filming set by furnishing authentic looking props.

House boat on Lake Powell.

Amazon boat props.

Ski boat on Utah Lake.